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Human values ​​that parents must teach their children, so that they succeed in school and in life
— by colineddie05 colineddie05
Self-discipline: It means, a disciple of oneself. It is essential to maintain control over our life and development. With it, we will achieve the formation of habits through the implementation. We can pose challenges that allow us to obtain the proposed achievements. It helps us to have order and rigor in our things.

The way of practicing it: It is indispensable to be able to achieve the objectives proposed at school or at home. It will serve to do the task without delays or excuses. Also to meet the schedules of arrival at school and start and finish tasks. To distribute the time devoted to studies, sports, leisure, television, games, readings, etc.

They will be able to challenge themselves and make programs with times, objectives and partial controls. They will see the results and appreciate the progress. The students who have designed a program of schedules for their activities have many more possibilities to obtain better results in their studies.

Compassion: It is a value that takes into account the reality of other people. It is kindness, benevolence, friendship. It is an attitude towards camaraderie, union, and companionship in difficult times. Help the one who is in disgrace. Moderates the virulent selfishness of the individual. The opposite is what is divisive: racism, sexism, chauvinism, the sin of omission, etc.

How to practice it: If you have accustomed your children to distinguish clearly between what should be done and what should not be done, they will find it very simple to apply it to situations that are presented daily with their classmates. There will always be a moment where you can help someone with tasks that others can not do. In this way, they will reinforce their own knowledge and leave a good taste in those who have been helped. Normally good works spread quickly and always the help received is received back, multiplied by a thousand. What creates a flow and ebb of help, which benefits the school, to all who practice the value of compassion.

Teach to practice compassion, eliminates the serious problem of discrimination by races, sexes, economies, religions, etc. That is why children educated in compassion can develop in all environments, being able to take advantage of situations, where others can not understand how to live together.

Courage: Courage is knowing what to fear. The opposite of courage is recklessness, which some confuse with lack of fear. Courage in well-educated people comes out in the face of injustice. Performing acts of bravery, we become brave and the braver we are, the more resilience we will have. Reason serves to act intelligently, in challenging situations.

How to practice it: Parents should also encourage this value, as it will help children to draw strength from weaknesses. It will teach them to fight hard, in what they consider challenges of studies, jobs or relationships. There will be things that do them according to a challenge, that they propose themselves. They will dominate the fear of ridicule, they will be courageous in defense of others, even speaking for those who have no voice. Parents should also teach their children to accompany others who are in difficult circumstances. This will allow young people to acquire courage and learn to manage their trust and their fears, also learning to distinguish what is right, even dominating their will.

Faith: It is the theological virtue that adds a transcendent dimension to the moral life of humanity and unites people, in an inimitable way by other means. For the faithful of any religious creed, it is a source of discipline, power, and meaning of life. The great regions offer solid anchors for those who drift, since they offer social stability and moral development, both to the individual and to the group. Faith provides those who practice it: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, loyalty, affability and discipline.

The way of practicing it: The parents must inculcate to their children, from small, the principles of the faith, so that they are prepared so that when it reaches the age of reasoning, they can distinguish the good and the bad from what they offer externally. As children, they may not understand everything they are told, but if they do not have a solid faith formation, they will not be able to freely choose the best for their lives and will fall into the hands of those who systematically engage in deceiving young people less educated.

The principles of the faith acquired from small, they are immovable during the step of the years and continuously they go out to shine, even in the difficult moments of uncertainty, next to the desperation. Faith leads to the practice of other virtues, so necessary for the formation of young people, that is why parents have an obligation to teach by example, practicing their faith publicly. When all fails, faith is the handle where parents can hold on, for the education of their children, because faith retains its firm roots in love and life. Essay Writers UK | Youtube | Reddit Help | draft.blogger | Vimeo